28th International Biennial of Graphic Design Brno 2018

The 28th Brno Biennial will open a democratic platform to represent the complete scope of the discipline with all of its different meanderings and characteristics of graphic design projects. The universal view will introduce contemporary graphic design in the full multiplicity of its facets, giving rise to an inspiring mosaic of different opinions and attitudes by opening up discussion across the whole of its breadth, engaging both experts and the general public.

The curators would like to collaborate with creative minds from various disciplines whose presence would help forge a uniting element around which a powerful, multi-opinion platform could be cultivated.


In all sections of the exhibition the curators intend to rely on support from experts in the individual disciplines and together create a stimulating whole and substantial content to showcase graphic design in all of its forms. In addition, organise an event of relevance to all professions and disciplines closely tied with the graphic design phenomenon.


František Štorm - Typographer
Graphic design in František Štorm's life falls between typeface design and free art.
Curator: Vladimir 518

storm typ

An art work exhibition of one of the most popular Czech graphic designer. The concept of the exhibition is made by Zbyněk Baladrán.
Curator: Michal Nanoru


Age of Independence: A New Generation of Print Magazines 
An exhibition of the most interesting printed issues of independent magazines from previous two years. 
Curator: Steven Watson


Time and Motion: Exhibition projection of motion design
Motion design as a distinctive and dynamic intersection of animation, graphic design, film, video, special effects and new technologies.
Curator: Mouvo


Porto: The graphic scene in one city
The creative milieu of the Portuguese city of Porto seen by OKOLO group. 
Curator: OKOLO


Between Area and Space: The relationship between product and graphic design
The exhibition is about connection between two autonomous disciplines, graphic and product design.
Curator: OKOLO


Out of the Box: Graphic design through the eyes of professionals
The display case as a symbol of a museum exhibition that will be appropriated by guest artists from creative disciplines associated with graphic design
Curator: OKOLO


More info https://28.bienalebrno.org/en/


11/5/2018 - 26/8/2018
Matěj Činčera, Jan Kloss, Adam Štěch
Graphic design
Matěj Činčera, Jan Kloss, Adam Štěch
Entrance fee
190 Kč / 95 Kč studenti, senioři, děti / 360 Kč rodinné
Museum of Applied Arts (Celá budova)
Opening hours
Wed - Sun 10 am - 6 pm, Thu 10 am - 7 pm
Date of exhibition opening
10/5/2018 18:00