Caught by Night: Czech Artists in France 1938–1945

The exhibition project Caught by the Night: Czech Artists in France 1938-1945 presents the art work of Czech artists who happened to be in France during the turbulent times of the Second World War. It was a time when a new wave of Czech artists arrived in Paris, for entirely different reasons, however, than the previous ones. The priorities of the artists had changed. Most of them were actively involved in promotional events focusing on the tragic fate of their land. The exhibition is organized under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and in cooperation with the National Gallery in Prague and the Fine Art Gallery in Cheb.


11/9/2015 - 10/1/2016
Anna Pravdová
Graphic design
Adéla Svobodová
Tomáš Svoboda
Entrance fee
V 80/40 Kč, R 150 Kč, S 30 Kč/os.
Governor’s Palace
Date of exhibition opening
10/9/2015 18:00