In a Skirt – Sometimes. Art of the 1990s

At last the history of Czech visual arts can be told without male artists. The exhibition presents the work of female artists who came to the fore in the 1990s. Symptomatically, the majority of these female artist do not use the technique of painting. Their works reveal two clearly dominant tendencies: either a conceptual work with an object or installation (new sculpture of sorts) or a work with different types of a technological image (digital and traditional black-and-white photography, video projection). Both tendencies are typified by the application of new materials, often taken directly from ordinary life and the exploration of themes linked with social structures, the everyday and a reflection of one's own identity. Visitors will encounter works by Milena Dopitová, Veronika Bromová, Markéta Othová, Kateřina Vincourová, Lenka Klodová and Kateřina Šedá.

The exhibition and the publication of the catalogue were supported by the State Culture Fund of the Czech Republic and the South Moravian Region. It is a collaboration with the City Gallery Prague.


7/2/2014 - 18/5/2014
Pavlína Morganová
Pavlína Morganová
Entrance fee
E 80/40 CZK, F 150 CZK, G 30 CZK/person
Museum of Applied Arts
Date of exhibition opening
6/2/2014 18:00