IMAGES OF THE MIND is an exhibition prepared by the Moravian Gallery in Brno in collaboration with the Deutsches Hygiene-Museum, Dresden. This exceptional project sets out comprehensively to present the human mind as it is represented in various types of historical and contemporary, artistic and scientific pictures and images from the Middle Ages to the present.

23/7 - 30/10/2011 (DRESDEN)
9/12/2011 - 18/3/2012 (BRNO)

This extensive and extraordinary exhibition prepared by the Moravian Gallery in Brno in collaboration with the Deutsche Hygiene Museum, straddles the line between artistic and scientifi c depiction of the human mind. It aims to present a comprehensive picture of the human mind as portrayed by different kinds and types of historical and contemporary, artistic and scientifi c images. The exhibition will offer the visitors a unique chance to learn about this diffi cult-to-capture phenomenon and will be as informative as it is aesthetically pleasing. The specific goal of the project is to highlight the opportunities and risks of the new depictions of the mind and to question the traditional boundary between scientific and artistic images and the values attributed and related to them. The project analysing "images of the mind" as a multi-faceted picture of man and his understanding of himself intends to initiate a broadly-based dialogue between science and culture.

The current dynamic development of neuroscience and cognitive sciences generates a need and opportunities for new forms of collaboration and dialogue between medical disciplines and the humanities, as well as between science and art. The project will give a glimpse of the history and circumstances of the process of "reading the mind from the pictures", and how different specialists - from philosophers via radiologists and psychoanalysts to art historians - interpret their images and how the mind appears to them in the images. The exhibition will display a wide scope of exhibits: from medieval medical tractates and illuminated manuscripts via medical illustration from the 19th century to current high-tech biomedicine images and visualizations. They will be accompanied by a broad spectrum of artistic expressions of various origins that depict the working of the mind - such as Renaissance portraits representing the "movement of the mind" or examples of Chinese landscape paintings created as clear metaphors of the human mind, works of art of classic modernism and contemporary art, including installations, new media and videoart. In addition to the above "iconography of the mind", the exhibition will offer exhibits working with formal structures in a more subtle way allowing a sensitive viewer a self-refl ective view of the workings of his own mind at the moment when it is being confronted with the image.

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