Kamil Lhoták or Comfort in the Machine

The extensive work of Kamil Lhoták (1912-1990), who was active as a painter, graphic artist, illustrator, author of fi lms and books, is popular with the general public mainly for its subjects and the atmosphere. Flying in the face of the zeitgeist, disregarding the complexities and intellectualism of modernism, the artist dared to rediscover simplicity and describe the world around him. Although not precisely "the world that we live in", it was a world both mundane and universally nostalgic, and as such it struck a chord in its viewers. The exhibition presents the work of a classic of Czech painting and an important member of the Group 42 association in a context
that served as his muse. It will equally concentrate on the works of art and the historical vehicles and other exhibits from the Technical Museum in Brno as well as examples of related period books and illustrations. The principal theme of the exhibition, the strand that it aims to emhasize, is the world of Lhoták's imagery.