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Draw your classmate. Look at your shoe. Make a horizon. Let a river of ink flow down a sheet of paper, make an egg appear as if it were floating. Create music with Illustrator, explain the world in ten images, and draw a letter in three seconds. Now say goodbye to the computer. Become a human algorithm. Clean your apartment, make a picnic, build a kite, and tell a joke. Don't take it too seriously. Make it simple, small, big, more. Do not fear failure. Work quickly and roughly. Work accurately and systematically. Think more, design less. Design is visual pollution, design is always for others, design changes people's lives. The world is changing. What can you do? What if? Why? Be convincing. Be ambitious. Be on time. Come prepared. Work alone. Work together. Observe, examine, imagine, conceive, present, discuss, repeat. Start over. Begin from zero.

Taking a Line for a Walk brings attention to something that is often neglected: the language and verbal artefacts of design instruction. Including contemporary and historical examples, this book is a compendium of 224 assignments in design education.

This publication departed from the exhibition  Taking a Line for a Walk, part of 26th Brno Biennial 2014, 19 June - 26 October 2014, The Moravian Gallery in Brno



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Edited by Nina Paim and Emilia Bergmark
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Spector Books
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220 x 255 mm
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