Governor’s Palace

MP 2017

Moravské náměstí 1a, Brno, Czech Republic
phone: +420 532 169 333

Opening Hours:
Wednesday to Sunday 10am - 6pm
Thursday 10am - 7pm
Closed on Monday and Tuesday


Brno as a Suburb of Vienna


The history of this remarkable Baroque complex in Brno dates back to the mid-14th century. However, the present appearance of the former Augustinian monastery is in fact a result of its rebuilding in Baroque style by Moritz Grimm from the mid-18th century. Following the reforms introduced by Emperor Joseph II the monks were replaced by officers of the local government and of the Estates who resided there until well after the end of WWI.

The Governor's Palace incorporates a baroque hall with a capacity of 150 seats, ArtMap bookstore and MORGAL Café.